Tic tic tic tic tic buzz buzz buzz uh 1 minute up. This term were doing a thing called me in a minute. Were we do different exercises and we had to do as much as you could in a minute. The one I liked the most was squats, because I'm use to doing them.

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For the past 2 weeks I've been creating things and writing things about Banjo Paterson. Notion of Aussie battler; working hard for everything you get; importance of hard work;.


gimageYesterday we had to find a poem to share with the class. I found a really good website that has lots of funny and normal poems. My poem was I'm lonely, so lonely:

I’m lonely, so lonely
I’m always alone.
I never get emails
or calls on my phone.
I sit by myself
in my room every day,
and wonder why nobody
wants to go play.
My classmates avoid me.
They never say, “hi.”
They don’t seem to know
I’m a wonderful guy.
And even the strangers
I see on the street
go out of their way
to make sure we don’t meet.
They jump and they run
to get out of my path.
I guess maybe this year
I’ll take my first bath.

image imageYesterday we had a guest speaker come in and tell us about sustainable living. In my group we found out that near Melton they are building a town called Toolern which will run on sustainable water choices and reusable water. The way you know if there's recycled water is there will be purple pipes and taps.

Something that I learnt from another group is that there's a large amount of plastic and rubbishy in the ocean which is as big as Texas. One thing I'm going to differently from now on is to try to stop using plastic bottles.


This week we have had a lot of things to do like practising the performance and the fun run and tug of war. Also a lot of learning like what sort of triangles there are and what a gourd is and finishing my picture story book.

Now to the fun run and the tug of war, during the 45 minutes of the fun run I managed to get in 14 laps Darby got 34 as if I could get that many laps. It was really fun and I'm pretty sure we beat Mr Andrea's grade 5B. Now about the performance we sung tiatanium wich was really fun we performed in assembly and I had butterflies in my stomach(I thought I would puke).

Coach approach Le cross



This week and last week have been some big weeks because we've had so much to do. For example we had coach approach, orienteering, kinder visits. My most favourite was kinder visits because we got to see if there was a perfect match for our buddies next year in grade 6. But lucky for me I found a perfect match whitch I'm just waiting for a second buddie so I have 2. The one I have at the moment is Jack whitch I'm lucky he's coming to our school.

This week I've tried my very best to finish my explanation for my science investigation and I think I'm a third and a half done, and I will really try my best to finish it at home. My science progect is about gears and I had chosen robotics but Deegan was doing it then I, decided to do refraction but I couldn't find any information about it then I decided to settle on the idea of researching gears.😀🙂


I took this photo

I took this photo

It's my last night in Australia for a while and I've got my bag packed and I'm ready to go. Also I heard that on the cruise if you get sick and other people can catch it you have to stay in your room.


The reason why I chose Star Wars the force awakens in IMAX was because Star Wars has been so popular this year because the last Star Wars was made in 2002 and when they made the others it would only take about 3 years. But this one has taken 13 years to be exact. I'll be able to convince my dad for sure.


There is a reason to why I chose this I chose it because I watch at home and want to have a chellenge this summer.


I chose bubble soccer because my dad played bubble soccer once and I had a go in his bubble and ran into my sister who was to small for the bubble.




Lalala ah the sound of music in performing arts but that that was all first term I'm talking about term 3 ( but it's actually fourth term.) The reason I picked this out of my performing arts book is because in third term we had drama and learnt some games. image