Week 4

This week we have had a lot of things to do like practising the performance and the fun run and tug of war. Also a lot of learning like what sort of triangles there are and what a gourd is and finishing my picture story book.

Now to the fun run and the tug of war, during the 45 minutes of the fun run I managed to get in 14 laps Darby got 34 as if I could get that many laps. It was really fun and I'm pretty sure we beat Mr Andrea's grade 5B. Now about the performance we sung tiatanium wich was really fun we performed in assembly and I had butterflies in my stomach(I thought I would puke).

2 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Richard

    Hey Cam: I really enjoyed watching the Grade 5 performance of Titanium! A great job really well done with a great message as well!
    Well done on your Fun Run effort too!


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