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Have you ever wondered how day and night is made, well day is just were part of earth is facing the sun. And for night it's just the other part of earth not facing the sun. Here's a website about day and night.

What I thought was right

What I thought was right


What I now know

What I now know

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The criteria was that:

Black 5/8

Blue 1/4

Green 1/8

This flag was especially made for the Wurundjeri tribe. (For them to have there own flag)


The Australian Aboriginal Flag is not the national flag of Australia and is shown in Victoria, the Northern Territory/Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth. (Not sure about Hobart)

The flag was first raised on 12 July 1971 at Victoria Square in Adelaide. It was also used at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972.The top half of the flag is black to symbolise Indigenous people. The red in the lower half stands for the earth, The circle in the middle of the flag is yellow that part of the flag represents the sun.

I think they should probably have the indigenous flag as a back up. Like if the Australian ones changed it can now become the Australian flag.

imageOrganisation is one of the you can do it habits. Setting goals is one of the keys to Organisation. There are short term goals and long term goals a long term goal is for the whole term short term goals is for half of the term it is also a way of accomplishing the long term goals.

To keep up to date with my work
•To keep up on posts on my blog
•To fill in my diary for work to share with mum & dad

Understand my reading
•read most of my time
•pick a just right book
•pick a book I understand

TO KNOW ON 2's 3's and 4's
•practise my 2's times
•practise my 3's times
•practise my 4's times
•practise my 2's division
•practise my 3's division
•practise my 4's division


The quote I read was don't watch tv replace it with a bookcase it meant a lot to me to change my ways.

It meant a lot to me because I usually waste my time watching YouTube or tv then I only have ten minutes reading in bed. With is a big bummer so usually after I had to stop reading I get my book out again and read for a hour.


Yesterday Lauren from 4C brang in her pa who builds bridges for puffin billy. Her pas name was John, john explained his job and parts about bridges.

What I'm going to use for bridge building is where one plank of goes on to another bit of wood is were you dig in 5cm on the wood.


Thanks to for letting me use this image

Today we talked about setting learning goals. My learning goals will be about English, Mathematics and Learning Behaviour.

My you can do it learning goal is to improve my ability to be more organised. To do this I will: Keep my tub tidy and document wallets, and my blog organised and bring my diary every day and make sure it's neat.

In English I will focus on my writing I will do this by: Using sizzling starts checking my punctuation carefully and use the A+ Plus spelling app.

In maths I will focus on my times tables and I want to get better at my 2s, 10s, and 5s. I will do this by: practising with dice, practising on TT Me and practise with Anke.



imageMy share was about when I had a day off from school. The night before that the lion king stage performance I went to the second show. That they had in Melbourne. So that night we stayed in a hotel and the next day I went to the eureka sky deck and when I got there it was like nothing you would of  imagined.

I felt DIZZY at the top level for starters but I got use to it. I walked around the top and, It only takes 41seconds to get up and down the elevator.




Here is my spell-a-thon words the first time I got tested. As you can see I tried my best and got 64%, which was a good start next time I would defienntly want to get 100%

My goal for this will be I sould practise 3 times a week on the A+ app to get better at spelling which I'm hoping it will get me some where near 100%