Info about Me!

Hi I'm Cameron and this page will tell you all about me. Also you can call me Cam for short. I like gaming, reading and riding bikes(and also scootering).

Things you don't know about me!

I have Netflix.

Ever since I was little we've always had pets in our family like dogs and chickens. In the past we've had about a million chickens and 1 dog. Now we have 3 chickens and 2 dogs.

My most favourite pet I've had is my Dog Star who sadly died in 2010.

I live at 2 houses,my dads and my mums.

I have one brother and sister.

I play Xbox 1, Xbox 360 and wii.

I've only been over seas once to Vanuatu and New Caledonia and I've been to heaps of places in Victoria and I've been to lots of places in Australia.

My name comes from Scotland.

I also have multiple ancestors from different countries.

My most favourite relative was my da who was my great grandfather.

My favourite animal is a kangaroo.

My favorite colour is blue.

My favourite food is pizza🍕and fries 🍟.

Now you know lots more about me and the things I like.

One thought on “Info about Me!

  1. Henry

    Hi Cameron!
    I learned a lot about you reading your about me. Thanks for commenting on my blog! In response to your question, here are a few things to think about that might help you get over your fear of sharks.

    -Each year about 10 people are killed by sharks (at the most)
    In comparison:
    – Last year, 37 people died from vending machines falling on them. (Crazy right!)
    – around 40 people died last year, shopping on black friday.
    To convince yourself that you aren’t afraid of sharks, you just have to realize how silly it is to be scared of something that you probably won’t ever encounter in your life. (If you do encounter one, I am jealous)
    I hope this helped.


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